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[22 Feb 2006|08:35pm]

in a discussion about nsync

eric: so when you say obsessed
me: german imports eric, german imports
eric: yeah you're not allowed with in 10 feet of me at any given time
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[15 Dec 2005|12:12pm]


ben (over the walkie): meridith!!!!
meridith (over the walkie): what the fuck?
ben (over the walkie): god. what's eating your beaver?

beaver being crude slang for . . . the vagina. . .
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[21 Oct 2005|08:26pm]

lucas:i have SUCH a friend crush on you.
me:like woah.
lucas:get in my pants. . . i mean. . . lets stay plutonic. . . i mean
me: jesus stop drinking. ok so jesus never started drinking. . but i mean if he did. .
he'd be just like you
lucas: drunk jesus=me. . .
should i write a bible?
me: nah, just a new gospel
lucas: there's already a gospel of luke
me: oh. . . yeah. i'm catholic i swear
lucas:</b>yeah so about your pants
me: definitely off limits
lucas: but i'm jesus
me: but you're drunk
lucas: if i'm not drunk i'm not jesus
me: it's a catch-22
lucas: you're so much sexier than the bible
me: you haven't spent enough time with the bible
lucas: or too much time with you
me: no such thing
lucas: i beg to differ
me: hey since your jesus. . . can i take your name in vain?
lucas: uh
me: like. . lucas samson is now considered swearing
lucas: if it is. . . can i punish you?
me: i was trying to distract you
lucas: nope.
me: that's too bad
lucas: we should procreate
me:because we need more lucas's in the world. . . jesus didn't procreat
lucas: now that's an oversight on god's part. . . no one to carry on the name
me: you're right those billions of christians. . . can barely remember that name
lucas: what name?
me: exactly. quite forgettable.
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*gigglefit* [07 Oct 2005|07:57am]

ella: then we're gunna watch a movie
me: which movie?
me: or have you not decide yet?
ella: dunno yet
ella: somethign tells me the movie wont be that important
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[03 Oct 2005|01:59pm]

anders: woah it's a hanley
me: woah it's an anders
anders: looking sexy.
me: sweat turns you on?
anders: in a weird way anything turns me on.
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[02 Oct 2005|11:36am]

leila: my opinion on fairytales? "i'll save my self, dammit."
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[01 Oct 2005|03:56am]

anders: you. me. hallway.
me: what?
anders: see that wall. i want you against it.
me: what?
anders: do it.
me: okay.
anders: proceeds to hump my leg.
me: anders get off!!!!!
anders: fuck. i'm not even drunk. no excuses. are we still plutonic?
me: talk to me when i get over being traumatized.
anders: are we still plutonic?
me: 10 seconds is not long enough!
anders: now?
me: okay fuck. we're plutonic.
anders: you know we turn the corner it's a whole new hallway.
me: i've got a whole new plutonic for you.
anders: wait. should that excite me?
me: does gun powder go with your outfit?
anders: i'll take that as a back the fuck off.
me: good boy.
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[29 Sep 2005|05:26pm]

ahahahaha i know posting too much is like crying wolf but i had to post this

LadyAnnum786 (5:25:27 PM): and when he came to mine
LadyAnnum786 (5:25:36 PM): i was like "can i have a hug as well please?"
LadyAnnum786 (5:25:40 PM): and hes' like "of course!"
LadyAnnum786 (5:25:56 PM): so he signs it, and as i'm admiring his two "x's" i look up and he has his arms open wide
LadyAnnum786 (5:25:59 PM): and a big smile
LadyAnnum786 (5:26:07 PM): and i'm like.... "ooohhh damn. fuckmenow."
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[29 Sep 2005|01:07pm]

we need to promote this shiznit kzat. haha.

so last night i hung out with anders and nathan again and i have some more quotes for you all. . .

nathan: "basically my point is i like rain, and that came out really easily but i've been working up to that word. . .rain. . . for the past 20 minutes. if you'd stop fucking interrupting we'd have better conversations."

me: "i saw you today."
anders: "i saw you too."
me: "right, after soccer, i looked like shit."
anders: "what? you always look hot."
anders: "hot in a totally plutonic i'm not drunkenly making a move sort of way."
me: "of course."
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